Recommended Brand’s

Below you will find a list of our Recommended Brand’s. When the inevitable happens and you need to replace your appliance getting a good deal is one thing but getting a recommendation on the right appliance is just as important.

We have chosen the companies below based on the Quality of the appliances, the availability of spare parts and also the repair ability of them. The last thing anybody wants is to spend our hard earned cash on a nice looking appliance but are finding that when it goes wrong that there are little to no parts available.  We are sorry to say but on a few of the appliances currently available on the market that the lack of parts makes it hard if not almost impossible to repair some machines even 2 year old machines.

Our Recommended  Brand’s

miele logo Recommended Brands Top Class brand with fantastic build quality and the engineering that goes into building each appliance is a work of art

siemens logoHigh end machines with great build quality good availability of parts share a lot with NEFF and BOSCH

 Very nice appliances the NEFF Slide and Hide oven is one of our personal favourites

aeg logo Good machines to work on Nice quality with a good network of parts suppliers

bosch logo Cannot fault BOSCH 2 year warranty on almost all of their appliances.

Appliances unfortunately are being built cheaper and cheaper these days and they do fail. The difference we see in the above brands compared to the lower end of the Market is these come apart with screws and bolts, not push fit plastic pieces that snap when trying to remove them after a few years due to the plastic going brittle.

Will you pay more for these appliances than say a high street special?? Maybe so but when it comes to repairing them parts are available and the costs reasonable. That is why these brands have made it to our Recommended Brand’s list.

Our images link to one of the largest online suppliers of appliances in the UK.